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Trapped Ashes is a 2006 American anthology horror film. In the tradition of films such as Tales from the Crypt and Dead of Night, Trapped Ashes features five stories of the surreal and terrifying, written by Dennis Bartok and directed by five different filmmakers:

Tale 1: Wraparound – Directed by Joe Dante
Tale 2: The Girl With The Golden Breasts- Directed by Ken Russell
Tale 3: Jibaku – Directed by Sean Cunningham
Tale 4: Stanley’s Girlfriend – Directed by Monte Hellman
Tale 5: My Twin, The Worm – Directed by John Gaeta


The film stars John Saxon, Dick Miller, and Henry Gibson. Robert Skotak was Visual FX Supervisor and Japanese composer Kenji Kawai produced the soundtrack.

Seven strangers are trapped inside an infamous House of Horror during a Hollywood movie studio tour and are forced to tell their most terrifying personal stories to get out alive…



“A flawed but interesting horror anthology written by Dennis Bartok and boasting what seems like as many (Japanese) producers as cast members. The delightfully old-school Amicus-style wraparound is directed by Dante and is perhaps the most pleasurable part of the movie, though each of the four separate stories – while imperfect in their own separate ways – have points of interest.” Steven West, The Horror Review

Trapped ashes


Trapped Ashes is a fairly entertaining horror anthology, never scary, but sometimes outrageous and disgusting and once in a while unsettling. I’d say about half the stories are good (bloodsucking boobs and Buddhist cartoon Hell). The other half not so much. So you’re looking at about a 50-50 split return on your entertainment dollar.” David Johnson, DVD Verdict

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Posted by Will Holland

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