Daddy, I’m a Zombie – Spain, 2011 – overview


Daddy I’m a Zombie (Papa Soy una Zombi) is a 2011 Spanish animated children’s horror film directed by Joan Espinach and Ricardo Ramón. It stars the voices of Paula Ribó, Núria Trifol, and Ivan Labanda.

daddy 3
Dixie is a 13-year-old girl, unhappy with her life: five years ago her mother divorced from her father, a coroner, and in her college, she is considered weird due to her gothic look. One night, Dixie suffers an accident when a tree crashes against her during a storm. Dixie wakes up later in the middle of a cemetery, turned into a zombie. With the help of Isis, an Egyptian mummy, and Gonner, a pirate zombie, Dixie tries to return to life, looking for Vitriol, a strange man who roams by the forest close to the cemetery. However, her search is followed by Negrida, an evil zombie witch who wants the Azoth, a mystical item which, according to the legend, will open the portal between the living world and the dead realm, giving Negrida the chance to accomplish her evil plans to invade the living world with her zombie armies…

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“…for all its faults, it has a certain naive charm. I just wish that it had had the courage of its convictions, because at some point in its gestation it had the potential to be a much better – and more enjoyable – film.” The Skull Illusion

It isn’t funny, it isn’t frightening and every set-piece action scene is a dismal failure. On the plus side, it is quite atmospheric; the music is pretty much bang-on and the sets and cinematography look great. The stylised animations would be rather good too if they didn’t all go wrong with the legs and make everyone walk funny.” John Knott, Starburst



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