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Giallo a Venezia – “Giallo in Venice” – is a 1979 Italian mystery horror thriller feature film produced by Gabriele Crisanti and directed by veteran Mario Landi (Patrick Lives Again). The Elea Cinematrografica production stars Leonora Fani, Gianni Dei, Jeff Blynn and Mariangela Giordano (Burial Ground).

Scorpion Releasing has announced that a Blu-ray remastered release with extensive colour correction is planned for release. The disc will feature an audio commentary by film historian Troy Howarth.

Along with The New York Ripper, the film has a reputation as one of the most violent and sleazy of gialli. The scene involving the sawing off of Mariangela Giordano’s character’s leg is gorily over-the-top, yet patently false.


A double murder occurs on the Venetian docks: architect Fabio (Gianni Dei) is stabbed with a pair of scissors, while his wife Flavia (Leonora Fani) is drowned. The fact that Flavia was pulled back from the water by the killer after being drowned intrigues inspector DePaul (Jeff Blynn) and his assistant Maestrin.

As they begin investigating friends of the couple such as Marizia (Mariangela Giordano), they soon discover that Fabio was, in fact, a sex-obsessed cocaine addict, who could only achieve sexual gratification by violence and sick voyeurism. During the investigation, Marizia begins to receive threatening phone calls from an ex-lover and soon after that a series of brutal murders is set in motion…

Capsule review:

Giallo a Venezia immediately confronts the viewer with the sight of Gianni Dei’s debauched character being agonisingly stabbed in the crotch! This eye-opener is a mere foretaste of the extreme violence in this scuzzy movie which revels in the sordid sexual humiliation that Dei’s character enjoys. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of such outrages are undermined by the tawdry production values and even picturesque Venice looks seedy.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

gialven4Other reviews:

“The repulsive male nudity, the limp mystery, the barely interested detective, and the silly use of a nosy neighbor to provide the clue that finally cracks the case are all useful as a way to toughen yourself up for future crappy giallo efforts. Besides, you are getting some nice murders that wouldn’t be out of place in Lucio Fulci horror movie.” Monsterhunter

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