The Untold Story 2 – Hong Kong, 1998 – reviews

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The Untold Story 2 – aka Human Flesh Bun 2 人肉叉烧包Ⅱ之天诛地灭 – is a 1998 Hong Kong film directed by Ng Yiu-Kuen. The film is a sequel to the 1993 movie The Untold Story, but finds Anthony Wong in a different role. The other lead actors are Pauline Suen, Cheung Kam-Ching and Yeung Fan.


A restaurant owner, Chung (Cheung Kam-Ching), has financial and marital problems. His eatery isn’t going well; his only steady “customers” (who cadge more food than they pay for) are a local VCD bootlegger and a cowardly cop known as “Lazyboots” (Wong).

When he does manage to make some money, it all goes to his bitchy wife (Yeung), who spends it on mahjongg and lingerie to entice her boyfriend. However, circumstances appear to improve when Chung’s sister-in-law (Suen) comes to visit and becomes the mistress of the barbecue…



” … once the pieces of the puzzle come together (mostly from a very gory death and dismemberment scene), The Untold Story 2 does manage to deliver some thrills. Ironically, though (at least for the genre), it’s the parts that don’t have that much blood or breasts in them that are the best in the film, mostly due to Pauline Suen’s wonderfully schizophrenic performance.”

“This film could have used Herman Yau’s sure handling, but it’s just one of those knock-off sequels that bears little resemblance to its inspiration. Ng Yiu-Kuen directs the film like the product that it is, and the result is an almost passionless Category III movie.” Kozo, Love Hong Kong Film




untold story 2


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