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‘They do exist’

The Bigfoot Tapes is an American-made 2012 horror film directed, written and starring Stephen Stewart, which at least means you can save on postage stamps when writing your letters of complaint. Deep in Siskiyou County, California, sightings of the legendary Bigfoot have been rife for years, prompting a group of amateur film-makers to seek the truth behind the myth.


Three young film-makers venture into thick forest, armed only with the inability to hold a video camera still. Determined to uncover the truth behind a long-held superstition, they soon find themselves the hunted not the hunters…sound familiar?

Resting entirely on the fact that the audience either hasn’t seen or isn’t aware of The Blair Witch Project, The Bigfoot Tapes is one of the most heinous examples of plagiarism imaginable. The three leads are instantly dislikeable, one of the few achievements of the film that you’ll like them even less by the end. The film boldly proclaims that the footage we’re about to see has been lost since 2009 – surely this barely qualifies as temporarily mislaid!

Enlisting the help of an old religious loon, they find themselves completely lost when he freaks out and bolts for home – despite the fact that their predicament is tedious and utterly devoid of Bigfoot, they elect to record every boring second anyway.

There’s a twist halfway through and another right at the end, both so head-crackingly staggering that you’ll temporarily lose faith not only in the film but also your eyes. The real frustration is that the film-makers are not useless, merely lazy and with an absolute contempt for the audience, the re-hashed set-pieces being so obvious and poorly delivered, it’s incredible the film ever saw the light of day. Devoid of laughs, scares, monster of feet of any interesting size, this is truly reprehensible.

Daz Lawrence, moviesandmania

Bigfoot Filmography

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