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Insidious: Chapter 2 is 2013 American supernatural horror feature film directed by James Wan (SawThe Conjuring) from a screenplay by Leigh Whannell (Saw and sequels). It is a sequel to 2011’s Insidious.

The film stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne reprising their roles as Josh and Renai Lambert, a husband and wife who seek to uncover the secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.


The Lambert family are happily reunited after Josh went into the Further to get his son Dalton back. However, the paranormal events continue to occur, which become more and more terrifying. When the family begins to notice strange behavior from the father, they start to wonder; is it really Josh that came back?


“After the pleasurable free fall into old-fashioned nightmare artistry that was last summer’s The Conjuring, this busy-yet-dull sequel feels like Wan robotically flexing his manipulation of fright-film signposts, an exercise more silly than sinister.” Los Angeles Times

“Setting aside the movie’s tediously lame dialogue, self-conscious performances and frequently predicable scares, the narrative’s compulsively shifting chronology intermittently manages to engage, although it does little to obscure the distracting shortcomings of both plot and character development.” The Hollywood Reporter


Insidious 2 fully delivers in terms of exploring the mysteries left behind in the previous installment, while also expanding on its intriguing mythology. However, the sequel also embraces the first film’s quirkier, campier aspects, which makes for a few good laughs, but also some less-than-terrifying horror sequences.” IGN

“James Wan serves up a terrifying sequel to his 2011 haunted house hit. Terrifying, that is, if you’re under ten.” London Evening Standard


“A number of scenes disturb or disgust on a visceral, shock-and-awe level — something the filmmakers have shown an aptitude for since Saw — but they don’t quite come together to create the cohesive, frightening atmosphere we’ve come to expect.” The Verge

“Wan’s directorial imagination is as keen as ever – even when it’s not being used to terrify at rapid-fire pace. The changed setting (now located in Josh’s childhood home) is more ominous, the visual palette is more dismal and dreary – and as stated, there are still those set pieces and sequences throughout the film that will give you chills.” Screen Rant

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‘In fairness to Wan and Whannel, they’ve attempted to do something interesting and the aforementioned investigation proves mildly intriguing. But the scares are repetitive and the film is significantly less grounded, while Wilson isn’t as convincing as a possessed psycho as he was a supernaturally sceptic father.’ London Metro



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