SATAN’S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (2000) Reviews and overview



Satan’s School for Girls is a 2000 American made-for-television occult horror film, starring Shannen Doherty (Witchslayer Gtetl), Julie Benz (Saw V), Daniel Cosgrove (They Crawl), Victoria Sanchez (Eternal; Dorian) and Kate Jackson.

The film is producer Aaron Spelling’s remake of his 1973 ABC Movie of the Week of the same name. It was directed by Christopher Leitch from a screenplay by Jennifer Maisel.


A young woman – Beth Hammersmith (Shannon Doherty), who attends Fallbridge College for Girls under the name Karen Oxford, to find out why her sister, who attended the college, is believed to have committed suicide. Once she’s enrolled she soon discovers a Satanic cult of witches who call themselves “The Five”, who want Beth to join the cult. The Dean is played by Kate Jackson, who was a student in the original 1973 version.

“The cultural references have been updated, with jokes about Bill Clinton and Judge Judy, but it allows for no suspense, no intelligence on the part of Beth (sure, the guy you just slept with accidentally says “You’re stronger than they think,” but do you really suspect him of being in on the plot? Do you even suspect that there IS a plot?), no more depth than your average puddle after a spring shower.” Adore Sixty Four

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