House of Good & Evil – USA, 2013


House of Good & Evil is an American 2013 horror film directed by David Mun from a screenplay by Blu de Golyer. It stars Rachel Marie Lewis, Christian Oliver, Marietta Marich, Jordan Rhodes, Rob Neukirch and Bo Keister.

Plot teaser:

After an argument becomes physical – resulting in a miscarriage – Chris and Maggie Conley decide to try and save their marriage with the purchase an isolated home in the deepest woods, to which they quickly discover evil has a key…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

” … adds some spookiness to an otherwise dramatic and tragic tale of marriage. By the time the credits roll, and every little mystery that has been set up is finally explained, the film reveals itself to be far more than you may have guessed.” Film Threat

” … a beautifully eerie, sad, and poignant tale filled with characters that break themselves against the rocky reality they seem trapped in, all the while trying to pick up the pieces as they go.  A very high recommend not merely as a horror film, but a solid character study as well.” Kevin Scott, Super Duper Shock Cinema

“All in all, enjoyable and interesting character study that plays with expectations and delivers a tense story of loss and sadness and coping with the ever present threat of something potentially dark just beneath the surface.” Flay Otters,

“There were many things that worked really well for House of Good and Evil; the acting, the location, and the near flawless script. My only criticism would be that the first few scenes seemed way too slow paced compared to the rest of the film. The slow building up of suspense could very well have be intentional though, it all depends on which genre category you place the film into. Without a doubt House of the Good and Evil was an overall solid indie film directed by David Mun and is well worth the watch, especially if you fancy something that is a little different than your run-of-the-mill horror/thriller.” Amy Priest, Way Too Indie




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