JURASSIC WORLD (2015) Reviews and overview

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Jurassic World is a 2015 monster movie shot in 3D and directed by Colin Trevorrow from a screenplay co-written with Derek Connolly. Steven Spielberg, director of the 1993 original and its 1997 sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, produced with Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley. The movie stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Ty Simpkins and B.D. Wong.



“Though Jurassic World is probably the best addition to the franchise since the first film, it nonetheless lacks the innocent wonder of its predecessor. This is perhaps inevitable—the “no one’s impressed by dinosaurs anymore” quote carries more than a whiff of truth, after all—and for the most part, the movie wisely responds by foregoing quieter moments in favor of big set pieces.” The Atlantic

“There are some self-aware gags about product placement in an opening act bloated with it (the Samsung Innovation Park, anyone?). The CGI, a mixture of old and new, is spectacular, particularly the slower-paced introductions to the new attractions such as the comically oversized mosasaurus. And while the dialogue is wooden, forgettable and sometimes downright hilariously bad, it’s standard summer cinema fodder.” Wired

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“In an age of rampant universe building, where every movie is the foundation for exponentially more, Jurassic World is a refreshing anomaly: a blockbuster that stands alone. It has the spirit of the original movie but doesn’t simply rehash the past. It’s a different beast – a self-aware blockbuster which has plenty of heart, humour, and excitement to make it a thrilling summer attraction.” IGN

“Jurassic World is a big, shiny, and entertaining roller coaster ride, though the ‘World’ is more interesting than the people. The film succeeds at revitalizing the Jurassic Park movie franchise and delivers on its promise of a fun blockbuster adventure with good humor, scares, thrills, and more than its fair share of awe-inspiring dinosaurs.” Screen Rant


“Two decades after dinosaurs ruled the Earth’s cinemas, are we still capable of putting our phones away for two hours and being honestly amazed by them, without a glaze of cynicism or irony to keep us stuck? Trevorrow, his cast and crew would clearly like to think so. And in light of their efforts, you’d have to grinningly agree.” The Telegraph

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” … frequently apes Spielberg, making numerous nods to “Jurassic Park” in shameless pastiche, an enjoyable referential orgy. It has some simple ambition, too, being a broad criticism of corporate financial interest making really gross crunching noises as it takes advantage of the little people. On top of that, the Indominus rex is a product of a gene-splicing lab, making it a GMO run amok.” MLive.com


“Trevorrow’s debut was the lo-sci-fi Safety Not Guaranteed, and this is a significant step up. He’s at ease with the oohs and the aahs as he is with the running and screaming, even if he knows full well that the impact of the original’s astonishing ‘you-will-believe-a-dinosaur-can-roar’ effects can’t be recreated […] And when the dino-doo doo really hits the fan, you can almost hear him cackling as he piles outrageous beat upon outrageous beat.” Empire

“The best aspects of the sequel Jurassic World … are so very good that they transport you that exhilarating mental space where the series’ original director, Steven Spielberg, raised a tentpole way back in 1993. The worst aspects are bad indeed: thin characterizations, a blase attitude toward human-on-animal violence and a weird male-supremacist streak that comes close to sneering at unmarried career women who don’t have kids.” RogerEbert.com


“It is a big, mean, money-making machine that, to borrow a line about an artificial being of another sort, “absolutely will not stop.” If director Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), working with a screenplay credited to five writers,­ has any personality of his own, it does not show itself. You cannot criticize the film for being unoriginal if it was designed that way. But you can condemn it for being entirely soulless.” Boston Herald

“Happily, Jurassic World is kept aloft by some tolerable squabbling between Howard, who plays the work-obsessed operations manager, and the always welcome Chris Pratt, as a Velociraptor trainer called in to save the kids from becoming lunch. The dialogue isn’t great, but the two lean so hard on the punchlines that they just about kick them into action.” The Irish Times

Box office:

The Amblin Entertainment/Universal Pictures production was released on June 12, 2015, and took a record-breaking $511.8m worldwide on its first weekend. Overall, the film pulled in $1,671,713,208 at the box office on a reported budget of $150 million.

Film Facts:

The film was originally announced as Jurassic Park 4.

Despite its huge box office takings, the film also topped the 2015 list of the film with the most mistakes

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