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Enter the Devil

‘Then it’s too late for exorcism!’

Enter the Devil is a 1972 American horror feature film directed by Frank Q. Dobbs from a screenplay co-written with David S. Cass Sr, who also stars along with Joshua Bryant and Irene Kelly. It was re-issued as Disciples of Death 

On May 8, 2018, Massacre Video released Enter the Devil on Blu-ray disc for the first time.

Limited edition slipcover
2K master from original 35mm inter-negative element.
English Captions
Sizzling bonus feature: Frank Q. Dobbs’ California Connection (aka The Erotic Adventures of Peter Galore)
Video nasty scholar Kim Newman talks Enter the Devil
Extensive still gallery
Trailers for other Massacre Video releases

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Following the mysterious disappearances of several travellers in a rural part of southern Texas, a detective and a scientist from a nearby city are sent to investigate.

Made to immediately feel unwanted by the locals, they soon discover the remains of one of the missing, but in doing so begin to sense that something sinister is afoot in the desolate community they’ve entered. Determined to uncover the truth, the duo quickly find themselves faced with an unimaginable evil; a terror-linked to Satan himself!


“Minor classic and unjustly forgotten horror film seems to have disappeared into the mists of time … I’m guessing that the film disappeared into the void since it probably had small distribution and was made about the same time as other western set horror films like Race with the Devil, The Devil’s Rain and others of that type. It’s a shame since the film is actually quite creepy and even scary.” Unseen Films

” … features an abandoned mercury mine, racist rednecks at a hunting lodge, death-by-rattlesnake, and a woman being burned alive. The heroine (Kelly) doesn’t show up until halfway through the movie. This played theatres as late as 1977, us usually on double-bills with imported horror films like Beyond the Door (1974).” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990


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“Playing out quietly, stylishly, and just a little bit skewed, it’s the very definition of “regional rarity.” The film feels like S.F. Brownrigg (Don’t Open The Door) rubbing off on Leonard Kirtman (Carnival of Blood) in an isolated patch of no man’s land in Texas. But nothing much happens.” Bleeding Skull!

“There are some surprises and one pretty good shock at the end that I did not expect. So the payoff is rather good in this one, especially if you like cult films, but the movie moves so slowly that you have to be patient.” Scared Stiff Reviews


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” …with the pseudo-western “charm”, the scenery of the desert, the weird Latin chanting, the red robes and torches, and the carrying of human sacrifice subjects out into the sunset and down into caves; you simply cannot deny that this movie does have some amount of atmosphere and suspense.” Jorge’s Film Reviews

Enter the Devil should be watched into infinity. It’s truly a fantastic film, and although I’m sure the pampered elite of gore-hounds (don’t worry, I’m still with you, mark my words) would find it “boring”, I can recommend it to almost anybody.” The Liberal Dead

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Cast and characters:

Joshua Bryant … Glenn (as Josh Bryant) – Black NoonSalem’s Lot
Irene Kelly … Leslie
David S. Cass Sr. … Jase (as Dave Cass) – The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, The Island of Doctor Moreau
John Martin … Sheriff – Mesa of Lost Women
Carle Bensen … Doc
Norris Domingue … Chuy
Willie Gonzales … Paco
Ed Geldart … Sam
Robert John Allen … Willis
Happy Shahan … Ozzie Perkins
Linda Rascoe … Maria
Wanda Wilson … Juanita
I. Van Charles … Jake
Dave Ford … Gerald
Byron Quisenberry … Dave (as Byron Quesenberry) – who later directed Scream (1980)
Roy Demny … Harry (as Roy Demney)
Rex Reddick … Deputy (as Rex Reddnech)
Gerald Kennedy … 1st Hunter
Ray O’Leary … 2nd Hunter
Harley David Lopp … 3rd Hunter (as Harley David Loop)

Filming locations:


Fun Facts:

This film should not be confused with Mario Gariazzo’s 1974 Italian horror film L’ossessa, which was also released as Enter the Devil.

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