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Aswang is a 2011 Filipino fantasy horror feature film directed and co-written by Jerrold Tarog. The movie stars Lovi Poe, Paulo Avelino, Albie Casiño, Jillian Ward, Marc Abaya and Niña Jose. The movie is a remake of Peque Gallaga’s 1992 film of the same name.

The numbers of the Abuwak race (Aswang) has declined and the only way they can survive is through the rare ability that only the soon-to-be queen of the Abuwaks, Hasmin (Lovi Poe), possesses. Abuwaks look human in their normal state, but they can fly when they transform into raven-like birds. They can also burrow through earth. They are quick and strong, and they can attack and eat humans. Hasmin prefers to stay with and protect humans when her fellow abuwaks attack the village.


A hired killer named Daniel was forced into his disreputable trade as a youth. Like Hasmin, he doesn’t like killing the innocent, and this reluctance leads him to the abuwak lair, suggested to be somewhere in Pampanga…


” … the stars are just the bonuses in this movie which is impressive narrative-wise, and more importantly, visually stunning, thanks to some breathtaking locations like the river, the forest and the convincingly designed abuwak mansion. Also worth-noting is the excellence in sound, which makes even a shot of insects crawling to a hole appear something to be coming from a nightmare.” Philippine Entertainment Portal

” …the filmmakers were going for parallelisms between the lives of Hasmin as an ab-wak and Daniel as a hitman. And they were able to establish the similarities such as both witnessed the death of their parents; both are trapped in a cruel world of monsters and criminals; both are attempting to escape their present situation; and both retains an ample amount of human kindness despite of their realities. But the presentation is a tad tedious.” The Birth of Damnation

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“It’s a good looking film, but just not a truly great piece of storytelling. The effects here are good… even the “Bugs Bunny” tunnelling… but nothing amazing or special. Our lead actress Lovi Poe looks great as Hasmin… and she’s obviously being groomed for bigger and better things in Pinoy cinema.” Nekoneko’s Movie Litterbox

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