Legend Horror Classics – magazine


Legend Horror Classics
was a British magazine published by Legend Publishing and which ran for thirteen issues between 1974 and 1975.

The magazine was very much a second fiddle imitation of Monster Mag, being a format that opened out to feature a large horror “pin-up” poster. Interestingly though, it arguably predicted Monster Mag follow-up House of Hammer, having a mix of comic strips and film features. The comic strips were usually four page adaptations of famous horror stories – the first issue featuring Dracula (the 1973 film rather than the novel), the second Frankenstein (based around the 1931 film) etc. Kevin O’Neill illustrated many of the comic strips and served as art editor, later becoming editor.


Other films adapted included The 7th Voyage of Sinbad in issue 3 and Hammer’s Dracula in issue 5, while more original stories include Blood Lust of the Zombies in issue 4 (which featured a gory cover still from Death Line), Terror from Space in issue 6, Killer Jaws (a shark story, predictably) in issue 8 and The Jokers in issue 9. The magazine also adapted Beowulf in issue 7.


From issue 11, the comic strips were dropped and the final issues were ‘themed’, concentrating on Dracula, werewolves and Frankenstein.

Although not particularly well distributed or popular (certainly in comparison to Monster Mag), Legend Horror Classics remains an interesting, oddball entry in the history of both horror movie magazines and British comic books, and copies are now highly collectable.


David Flint, moviesandmania

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