EASTER BUNNY BLOODBATH (2010) Reviews and overview



Easter Bunny Bloodbath is a 2010 Canadian horror feature film written and directed by Richard Mogg (Bangin’ Vengeance!).

The movie stars Shayan Bayat (Bangin’ Vengeance!), Meghan Kinsley, Travis Turner (Mighty Mighty Monsters in Halloween Havoc), Adrian Daniels, Laura Hope, Jessica Hill (Resurrection – short), Chris J. Clements, Halie Hunter and Jim Hunter.


Twenty years ago, young Peter McKay watched his father decapitate his sister on Easter morning. Peter never celebrated the Easter holiday again… until now.


” …the tone became quite grim on occasion and I was really impressed by the mixture of mystery and terror. Despite some of the dialogue being amusing and the film having some fun, I felt that Mogg could have got much more out of the concept if he just played it straight.” A Slash Above…

” … while being marketed as a homage it was really just a way for the director and producer to put together the worst possible thing they could as lazily and cheaply as they could and then manipulate those who, like myself, feel a great nostalgia for the old so damn bad they were good straight to video classics like Truth or DareA Critical Madness and Microwave Massacre.” Best Horror Movies

For the most part Easter Bunny Bloodbath is like a recently unearthed 80s slasher, it just happens to be a slasher where the killer is someone in an Easter Bunny outfit.” Digital Retribution

” …Richard Mogg set out to make a great bad movie and that’s what he delivered. It has got fake blood splatter and intentionally cheesy acting and it’s all the better for it. He knew he had limitations and he turned those potential weaknesses into strengths and the end result is the best killer Easter Bunny story you’ll ever see…” Sour Grapes Winery

“Finally, those looking for gory on-screen deaths will find them here. The special effects for these kills are not that great but the kills are still fun as hell making this one fun S.O.V. throwback. Overall, this is a S.O.V. horror comedy that has tons of blood and tons of laughs. I highly recommend it.” Horror Society

“While I was expecting more of a cheesy character typer of slasher ala Leprechaun, I was very surprised by this movie and ended up liking it a lot. It’s dark, effective and has a great twist at the end.” Ronnie Angel, Slashed Dreams: The Ultimate Guide to Slasher Films


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The film was released on DVD by SRS Media on February 14, 2017.


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