Midnight Mutants – computer game

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Midnight Mutants is a computer game for the Atari 7800 ProSystem, developed by Radioactive Software and published by Atari Corporation in 1990. It features a likeness of Al Lewis, dressed as Grandpa Munster, playing the role of “Grampa.” The game was one of the last releases for the Atari 7800. As with similar games of that era, Midnight Mutants features a large in-game environment with many locations, a background musical soundtrack, battles against boss enemies and an animated introduction. Despite its limited distribution, the game remains popular among Atari 7800 fans. Critical reaction has been fairly positive with praise being paid to the game’s graphics, gameplay and quirky sense of humour.


Game plot:

On Halloween night in 1992 young Jimmy Harkman’s grandfather (known as “Grampa”) has been imprisoned inside of a pumpkin by a resurrected villain named Doctor Evil, who is taking revenge for being burned at the stake as a witch by their ancestor Johnathon Harkman on Halloween night in 1747.

Jimmy then heads on a Halloween quest to free his grandfather. With Doctor Evil on the loose, Jimmy finds the countryside has become inhabited by scary creatures such as zombies and werewolves that can injure him physically and also make his blood impure. Fortunately, even though Grampa is trapped in pumpkin form, he is available to give Jimmy advice on occasion with the push of a button. Along the way, Jimmy can collect weapons and items that will help him in his quest to defeat evil creatures, giant bosses and ultimately Doctor Evil himself…



It’s a wonderful isometric adventure game that harks back to the days of the ZX Spectrum and Ultimate Play The Game. You are on a mission to rescue Grandpa himself who has been captured and trapped in a haunted mansion … The graphics throughout Midnight Mutants are fantastic and the cut scenes where Grandpa actually talks to you and gives you tips are particularly nice. The game is massive and the gameplay is very deep too, you will be wishing at times that it had a save option!” Retro Video Gamer

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