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MILFS vs. Zombies is a 2014 American comedy horror gore film directed by Brad Twigg (Ghoulish Tales) from a screenplay by Daniel Schein for production company Fuzzy Monkey Films (Fiendish Fables; Frames of Fear). It stars Brandy Peeples, Chris O’Brocki and Jeremy Ambler.

Milfs vs. Zombies



” … the film is full of gore, bloody boobs, and the undead.  The gore looks great and the practical effects are top notch. The kills are nothing new but they throw just enough gore and sex appeal into it that the viewer can’t look away.” Blacktooth, Horror Society

“Now this movie has a good amount of nudity and sex in it. Some are hilarious scenes. Some are a bit disturbing … with any low budget film there does come stuff that could have used improving. Some of the acting was a bit cardboard at times. The dialogue which was written by Leslie Monk and Juan Sanchez was wonderful at times and sometimes a bit off.” Jonathan A Moody,



MILFs vs Zombies is at the bottom of the shit-barrel. I honestly can’t believe I was even able to sit through the entire movie. For the piece of shit it is, it’s shocking to me that it runs for 104 minutes. Really? An hour and 45 minutes for a triple-Z grade zombie movie? I don’t know whose idea that was, because at the 11 minute mark, I was ready to shove my head in a blender just to make it stop.” Shawn Savage, The Liberal Dead

milfs vs. zombies blood bikini and baseball bat

MILFs vs Zombies Fuzzy Monkey Films

Main cast:

Brandy Peeples, Chris O’Brocki, Jeremy Ambler, Missy Dawn, Andrea-Marie, Juan Eloy Carrera, Patrick Opitz, Rosanna Nelson, Matthew L. Furman. Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role.

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  1. Just one question? Why? Looks like the same old low budget crap they all are. From the preview I see nothing different about it. The same old sound track too. Screaming, undecipheranble lyrics that is more annoying than scary or horrific.

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