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‘Safe. Secure. Psychotic.’

Self Storage is a 2013 American dark comedy horror film written and directed by Tom DeNucci (Army of the Damned; Almost Mercy) who also appears as Jake. It was produced by Chad A. Verdi for The Woodhaven Production Company.

The movie stars Eric RobertsJonathan Silverman, Michael BerrymanVanessa Leigh, Nick Principe, David Gere and Tracey Sheldon. 


Jake (DeNucci) is the overnight security guard at a highly secured self-storage facility in rural Rhode Island. When his friend’s party plans fall through, he invites them to his job site to throw a fiesta of his own. There couldn’t be a better location: removed, no people, nothing but party… right?

Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of fun into an evening of horror. We soon learn that some things were meant to stay under lock and key and certain places were supposed to be left undisturbed…

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Self Storage is somewhat over indulgent during the party scenes but the slick presentation, character actors (Roberts and Berryman are great fun), survival kills and cynical social satire more than compensate. The film is flawed by a strange balance of component parts although its nevertheless a mildly promising debut from DeNucci.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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Other reviews:

” … an unforgivably disjointed jumble of horror and comedy that falls short of succeeding at either. However, it certainly isn’t due to a lack of effort on the part of writer/director Tom DeNucci, who pulls off the hat trick here by performing the lead role of Jake as well.  Pity, because sharp, witty dialogue and an inspired plot are usually a recipe for indie success. Not so much the case with this mixed bag.” Rob Getz, Horror News

Self Storage marks the directorial debut of filmmaker Tom DeNucci. Working from his own script, DeNucci manages to put together a film that is entertaining and effective. And although it is a bit rough around the edges in parts, Self Storage will certainly keep you intrigued throughout.” Scott Hallam, Dread Central

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” … party shenanigans are so unbelievably boring and cliché that it will literally take all of your force of will to keep from forwarding through this one. The fact that not one, but two, extended sex scenes occur through the course of the story shows where the interests of this film lie. After an hour of lame partying to even lamer music, Roberts and Berryman strike in equally uninspired ways.” Ain’t It Cool News

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