Shivers Down Your Spine is a 2014 American horror anthology film compiled by Dead Lantern Pictures, a micro-budget indie horror outfit based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The tales are:

Out of the Lamp: A man discovers a genie lamp in his microwave. Upon rubbing it, a beautiful genie named Sabiah appears, offering him three wishes. Much to her surprise, he wishes for her to tell him nine horror stories… (wraparound framing device)

Deadbolt: A young girl home alone on Halloween night discovers that the deadbolt on her door is no match for an angry ghost…

Convention Girl: Two best friends try to figure out what to do when one of them believes he staked a vampire hooker at a horror convention. Did he stake a vampire, or a cosplayer?


Birthday Dinner: A mother and father punish their young daughter on her birthday in order to teach her a lesson.

Whispering Board: Three sorority girls attempt to commune with a dead boyfriend using a whispering board with terrifying results.

I Dream of Djinni: Sabiah the Djinn tells a story of how wishes can go horribly awry if you’re not careful with your wording…

Shortly After Nightfall: A creepy motel caretaker pays a hired gun to take out a young woman who is haunting one of his rooms in a ghostly film noir.


A Bad Heart: 2 years after being stabbed in the heart and nearly killed by the serial killer Ray Dean Foster, a young woman decides to get back into the dating game on Valentine’s Day only to find her geeky date may be more dangerous.

Last Breath: A young woman descends into madness and depression after being stood up by her boyfriend.


A Christmas Horror Story: It’s 1987 and a group of teens is cleaning an old movie theatre. Meanwhile, a killer Santa is on the loose and looking to make them his next victims.