HUNGRY GHOST RITUAL (2014) Reviews and overview

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Hungry Ghost Ritual Nick Cheung Annie Liu

Hungry Ghost Ritual – original title: Yu Lan Sun Gung盂蘭神功 – is a 2014 Hong Kong-Malaysian supernatural horror film directed by Nick Cheung. It stars Nick Cheung, Annie Liu, Carrie Ng, Cathryn Lee, Lam Wai.

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After incurring debts from his failed business venture in China, Zong Hua (Cheung) returns to Malaysia after a decade hiatus.

The demoralized Zong Hua faces problem finding a job and tries hard to get use to things at home, including his estranged relationship with his step-father, Xiaotian, who runs a Cantonese opera troupe and half-sister, Jing Jing (Cathryn Lee).

Hungry Ghost Ritual Nick Cheung Annie Liu

After his father suffers a heart attack, the reluctant assumes control of the troupe. He must contend with their in-fighting in addition to the normal obstacles such a production encounters, as well as a series of strange spooky happenings backstage…

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“Sadly, the characters are so shallow and the plot lacking any clear narrative arc that it is difficult for viewers to become invested in the film. The scary set-pieces are also over-reliant on crashing audio cues rather than anything genuinely creepy, the contorting possessed bodies feel derivative of a dozen other better movies, while the CG-heavy effects work never feels tangible enough to evoke a reaction.” Twitch


“This Asia-pudding of a story and a company of actors might have proved to be the undoing in Cheung’s first attempt as a director, and his competence – and perhaps audacity, given he’s never starred in a horror film in his career before – in tackling this genre piece might be better served the next time with a more fully-formed narrative and cast.” The Hollywood Reporter


The film was released on July 10, 2014, in Hong Kong and Malaysia.



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