SLAUGHTER NIGHT (2006) Reviews and overview

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Slaughter Night – aka Slachtnacht, stylised as Sl8n8 – is a 2006 Dutch-Belgian horror feature film written and directed by Edwin Visser and Frank van Geloven. The movie stars Victoria Koblenko, Jop Joris and Kurt Rogiers.

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Opening plot:

After her father gets killed in an automobile accident, Kristel Lodema discovers that her dad was investigating an old mine where convicted child killer Andries Martiens died back in 1857. Kristel decides to check out the mine along with a group of young adults. However, said mine turns out to be haunted by the dangerous and murderous spirit of Martiens…

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“There’s decent gore, the atmosphere of the mine is actually pretty cool, and the acting is fine.  But the movie just fell short of what I was expecting and didn’t live up to what it could’ve been.  The supernatural element was definitely a different spin on the slasher film, but it’s just a formula that doesn’t work well with me.  Personally I want one or the other, and when you mix together both it just waters it all down in this reviewers opinion.” Bloodtype Online

“What pisses me off about Slaughter Night is it could have been a four, four and half star movie if it weren’t for the editing. The story is fun, the effects you can see are very nice and the acting is solid. But in an effort to be slick, it slips and falls harder than it should.” Horror Talk

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“The production quality of the film is quite good, it is just poorly executed with mediocre acting a second rate script, and plain direction. Nothing really elevates this beyond the mundane. I have certainly seen worse films. You could really do worse than Slaughter Night. Then again, you can also do a lot better.” Critical Outcast

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