THE WASHING MACHINE (1993) Reviews and overview

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vortice mortale

The Washing Machine – Italian title: Vortice Mortale, “Deadly Vortex” – is a 1993 French/Italian/Hungarian horror thriller directed by Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust). The movie stars Philippe Caroit, Ilaria Borrelli and Katarzyna Figura.

Claudio Simonetti (Tenebrae) composed the soundtrack score.

wash 5

To date, The Washing Machine was Deodato’s last theatrical film. He is reportedly unhappy with the film and has since concentrated on TV work.

In the UK, Shameless Screen Entertainment released the film on DVD in 2005, then again in 2014 in a limited edition collectable tin designed by Graham Humphreys



There is currently an online rumour that Arrow Films is preparing a Blu-ray disc for release in March 2019.


A police detective investigates the murder of a man found dismembered in a washing machine and is drawn into a web of deceit and murder by the dead man’s lover, Vida, and her two sisters, Sissy and Ludmilla…


“Overall, it’s a very entertaining murder mystery with a seedy element that works in its favour so if you liked the slick stylings of Basic Instinct but felt that it needed a bit more softcore sleaze then you’ll probably find The Washing Machine very much to your taste.” Deviant Robot

The Washing Machine might not be as classy as an Argento thriller and it does have it’s fair share of flaws, some possibly devastating if scrutinised. But hey! It’s mysterious, bizarre, sleazy and with a twist! – What more can you ask for, really?” Hysteria Lives!

 …Deodato can’t quite keep the pace going; it kicks off with a bang but peters out before ending with a nonsensical damp squib. There’s still plenty to enjoy though in this stylish and entertaining potboiler; it won’t convert anyone to the church of bloody Italian chills, but it’ll certainly satisfy the parishioners already worshipping within it.” UK Horror Scene


“It’s a decent last flick, as it’s quite entertaining, it’s got a good enough and engaging story, a fair amount of nudity and eroticism and a little nod at Deodato’s previous cannibal themed movies, which make it a great entry into the late thriller – post Gialli catalogue.” CiNEZiLLA

“This is not a great movie or the most meaningful of cinematic experiences. It’s an enjoyable time killer which delivers the goods (plenty of nudity and some brief but explicit gore). This late comer was one of the last gasps of classic Italian exploitation cinema.” Teenage Frankenstein

washing 2

” …while there’s a lack gore (there’s really only one grisly scene – a bloodied torso gets repeatedly hacked at) and sex (there’s lots of heavy panting but the girls keep their knickers on), Deodato dresses his giallo with elements of high camp, while also making effective use (a la Argento) of the creaky old Art Nouveau Budapest apartment in which the twisted sisters reside.” Kultguy’s Keep

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