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‘He preached, they killed’

House of Manson – aka Hollywood and the Manson Murders – is a 2014 American horror feature film directed by Brandon Slagle (The Black Dahlia Haunting; Dead Sea) and starring Ryan Kiser, Devanny Pinn and Reid Warner.



House of Manson chronicles Charles Manson’s life from childhood up until his arrest following the raid on Barker Ranch months after the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders that sent a shockwave not just through Los Angeles but throughout the entire world…


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screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-12-36-56“The film is informative, violent, shocking, and saddening – Slagle should be applauded for taking on a subject that’s been beaten to death and giving it a totally new perspective from the audience’s point of view. Overall, anyone who’s interested in the case should do themselves a giant solid and check this film out, and even if you’re not, watch it anyway and prepare to enter into a vortex of mental depravity…” Matt Boisette, Dread Central

“For those familiar with the story, House of Manson won’t offer any new insights or conclusions but it does present a different slant on a character whose infamy shows no sign of abating. Slagle’s film is of interest though, built on excellent performances and subtle, almost documentary-like direction that draws the viewer in.” John Townsend, Starburst magazine

screen-shot-2017-03-06-at-12-39-55House of Manson is a rote and thoroughly unimaginative affair, a remake of no specific film, but rather of any number of them. It’s not without artistic merit, by any means, but it also seems to have no particular purpose. If you want to see what the Manson story looks like when it’s done with less money and lower production values than you’re used to seeing, fair enough, this is the movie for you.” Ryan C., Trash Film Guru

“What I found refreshing, is that this is one of the few true-crime biopic indie films to roll out in a long time that doesn’t feel like simply an excuse to make a  film, cashing in on the name. The acting and overall look of the film is as top shelf as any indie film you will find these days. Ultimately, what it amounts to is a long, deep look inside the mind of an evil man who sees himself as a tragic hero or demigod.” Brian Steward, ComingSoon



Coming Down Fast: Charles Manson’s on Screen Massacres

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  1. Comment on a stupid review above. The Family murders were yes an act of terrible infamy, but since that sad series of events, many a horrorific event happened. I wonder what the stupid critics will say about the all American Blond boy who murdered the churchgoers some time ago??!!??!!

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