The Nostril Picker aka The Changer – USA, 1993 – overview and reviews

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‘He chose his weapons… he selected his victims… he picked his nose…’

The Nostril Picker  aka The Changer –  is a 1993 American horror feature film directed by Mark Nowicki from a screenplay by Steven Hodge; it stars Carl Zschering. Edward Tanner and Laura Cummings.

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Joe is an ugly loser, incapable of picking up women. But when he’s taught a magical power, capable of transforming him into anyone he pleases and then back to his normal self, he decides to use it to live out his perverse fantasies.

Initially content just watching them shower, Joe soon tires of mindless nudity and gears up to take his ultimate revenge against womankind: luring them to his shabby apartment, violently killing, and even eating them!


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“Rhinotillex enthusiasts, I’m afraid, will whine endlessly about the overall level of on-screen nose-pickery; other than a few uncomfortable scratches during the first twenty minutes, there’s very little correlation between the movie and its slightly misleading moniker. That said, The Nostril Picker is ultimately a thoroughly engrossing little project despite being completely pointless. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of nonsensical no-budget nuttiness, you’d do well to cross the street and run far, far away.” The Film Fiend

“This is a zero-budgeter like never before. It’s like a home movie gone wrong. The picture quality is horrendous. There’s scratches and grain on every shot and it looks like it was bleached of any colour. I honestly refuse to believe that this was made in 1993 – it looks absolutely terrible. Did someone leave the film print out in the sun all day or drop it down the toilet?” Popcorn Pictures


“But this isn’t even one of those “So bad they’re good” flicks – it’s just plain bad. Seriously, watching retarded shit like this can’t be good for you. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to recommend a film with a title like The Nostril Picker. A rate seems pointless, but I give it one point for originality and one point for the title…” Rare Cult Cinema


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  1. Absolute bollocks! I remember the Vipco VHS of this being advertised to the Nth degree in the daily mirror and as a teenager I was all over it with my pocket money. Never been so disappointed in my life – I couldn’t even bring myself to put up the free poster that came with it to shock all my stupid little buddies. For every good release that Vipco shot out they sure as hell shat out three pap ones.

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