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‘Stop screaming, keep skating’

Murderdrome – aka Murder Drome  is a 2013 Australian action horror comedy feature film directed by Daniel Armstrong (SheBorg Massacre).

The film stars Kat Anderson, Rachael Blackwood, and Jake Brown.


Roller Derby sensation Cherry Skye loves nothing better than competing in her favorite sport. When Skye catches Brad’s eye the sparks fly. Unfortunately, she also catches the attention of Brad’s ex, her Roller Derby nemesis Hell Grazer.

If that isn’t bad enough, the heat generated by this romantic rivalry arouses a malevolent demon-spirit, hungry for human souls. Trapped between the wrath of Hell Grazer and damnation at the Gates of Hell, she has no option but to throw down and sort this mess out the only way she knows… on four small wheels.


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Murderdrome is a narrative light series of events involving substandard punk music, one dimensional characters, sloppy gore scenes and dialogue that you imagine director Daniel Armstrong thinks is Tarantino-esque; unfortunately, is trite, unconvincing nonsense delivered by the cast of non-actors with flatness that is quite astonishing. And predictably, the worse the actor, the more dialogue they get.

Murderdrome is dismally unentertaining. It fails miserably as an exploitation film and drags on and on and on, going nowhere slowly.

David Flint, MOVIES & MANIA

Other reviews:

Murderdrome is a bit all over the place but it’s a fun watch that doesn’t overstay its welcome. How much it’ll work for you will depend, at least in part, on your interest in the very concept itself: if you find the idea of roller girls fighting evil a winning one, check it out, you will likely be able to look past the flaws and enjoy this for what it is.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“It’s 75 minutes of undemanding midnight movie fun, which looks good, has great music, some good gags, some good kills, and some quotable one-liners. And I doubt anyone who sees it will ever forget the term ‘duck butter.’” Brutal as Hell


“This mix of funny lines, exploitation kitsch and sub-culture setting almost guarantees that it will become a cult classic. It’s not a good movie in the slightest but given that the entire thing cost less to produce than the price of a family car, that’s to be expected.” Starburst



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