HYSTERIA (1965) Reviews and overview

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‘Terrifying suspense… it will shock you out of your seat!’

Hysteria is a 1965 released British psychological thriller directed by Freddie Francis (Nightmare; The Skull; The Creeping Flesh) from a screenplay written by producer Jimmy Sangster, for Hammer Films and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the US in April 1965. It was released in the UK 27 June 1965.

The film stars Robert Webber, Jennifer Jayne (The Trollenberg TerrorDoctor Terror’s House of HorrorsThe Doctor and the Devils), Maurice Denham (Paranoiac; The Night Caller; Countess Dracula), Lelia Goldoni (Theatre of Death; Invasion of the Body Snatchers; The Devil Inside) and Anthony Newlands (Circus of Fear; Scream and Scream Again).

The bombastic jazzy score was provided by Don Banks (Monster of Terror; The Reptile; Torture Garden).

Hysteria Robert Webber 1965

Plot teaser:

An American wakes up in an English hospital unable to remember anything of his life before a recent car accident. With only a photograph torn from a newspaper to guide him, and an unknown benefactor, he attempts to unravel what looks increasingly like a bizarre murder…



” …despite some lacklustre sets by Edward Carrick (Hammer regular Bernard Robinson was on another assignment), Francis and his faithful cinematographer John Wilcox once again make good use of the filters the director used on The Innocents (1961) as well as his previous Sangster thrillers Paranoiac and Nightmare.” Tipping My Fedora


” …Hysteria is perfectly respectable with many fine ideas. It’s interesting and genuinely suspenseful and unsettling at times, and though it doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny, is highly satisfying.” DVD Talk

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” …sharp dialogue is maintained to the very end, with appealing performances from the supporting cast, particularly Denham’s private detective, who proves to be tougher than he looks. Don Banks provides a jazzy score, and Freddie Francis directs, with his gift for drawing out every ounce of the eerie with eye-popping black-and-white photography.” Midnight Only


Choice dialogue:

“How long can a man live in a void without going nuts?”

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  • Robert Webber as Chris Smith
  • Anthony Newlands as Doctor Keller
  • Jennifer Jayne as Gina McConnell
  • Maurice Denham as Hemmings, a private investigator
  • Lelia Goldoni as Denise James
  • Peter Woodthorpe as Marcus Allan
  • Sandra Boize as English Girl
  • Sue Lloyd as French Girl
  • John Arnatt as Mr. James
  • Marianne Stone as Marcus Allan’s Secretary – Miss Grogan
  • Irene Richmond as Mrs. Keller
  • Kiwi Kingston as French Girl’s Husband


Filmed in 1964.

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