HOOKED UP (2013) Reviews and overview

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‘You won’t survive the night’

Hooked Up is a 2013 Spanish horror feature film directed by Pablo Larcuen from a story co-written by Eduard Sola. The movie stars Stephen Ohl, Jonah Ehrenreich, Júlia Molins, and Natascha Wiese.

The Ombra movie was executive produced by Jaume Collet-Serra, the director of House of Wax; Orphan and Non-Stop and shot entirely with an iPhone.

Looking for a good time, two friends from New York on a trip to Barcelona befriend a couple of girls but it’s not fun they find, instead they get trapped in a house haunted by a devilish ghost bent on tearing apart anyone that enters her dwelling…


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Hooked Up is so uninspired that criticisms of its components cannot help but read like clichés, too. Characters not worth caring about. Lousy jump scares fabricated with artificial audio pops whenever a cupboard door is opened or a shape appears around a corner. Dreadful dialogue actually includes lines like, “I’m too young to die” without a remote hint of irony.” Culture Crypt

“Though Hooked Up has a couple of scenes that will grab the viewer’s attention, they’re not enough to keep the viewer entertained nor engaged. The film feels dragged out and like a bad hangover that you just want to end. Even the horror elements aren’t scary, with the film resorting to quick glimpses and chase scenes to heighten the tension.” Horror Cult Films

“Larcuen places his jump scares just where you’d expect to find them and, at times, pushes the audience’s suspension of disbelief in terms of a character’s dedication to keep on filming. At one point, realising Peter’s having an asthma attack, Tonio stops to grab his camera before sprinting off to get his friend’s inhaler.” Horror Talk

“There is nothing in Hooked Up that is remotely original; it’s basically an extended version of the winged succubus segment from V/H/S, but not quite as effective. The short worked because it was just that, short. This 80-minute version gets tiresome very soon as it never offers anything we’ve not seen before.” Scream magazine

Hooked Up doesn’t re-invent the wheel and I don’t suspect it was aiming to. The film is fun, brainless but also pretty scary at times. If you have 78 minutes to kill and have seen all the classics then I think there are worse ways to spend your time and you should give this a shot.” UK Horror Scene

“It’s a twisted maze of dimly-lit rooms and barbed-wire barricades, but none of the situational tension amounts to much because of two main characters who get preoccupied with a petty best-bro tiff. Even in the face of certain death, conversations turn into jealous acts of rage…” We Got This Covered



Hooked Up was released in the United States on VOD via Uncork’d Entertainment on April 7, 2015, and June 9 on DVD.

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