SAVE YOURSELF (2015) Reviews and overview

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‘Survival is not an option’

Save Yourself is a 2015 American horror film directed by Ryan M. Andrews (Sick: Survive the Night; Desolation) from a screenplay co-written with Chris Cull and Mitch Lackie.

The movie stars Jessica Cameron (Hell-O-Ween; Camel Spiders; Truth or Dare), Ry Barrett (Antisocial; The Drownsman), Bobbie Phillips (Carnival of SoulsEvil Breed), Tristan Risk (American Mary; The ABCs of Death 2; Fetish Factory), Tianna Nori, Bea Santos, Caleigh Le Grand (Late Night Double Feature), Marcus Haccius, Lara Mrkoci, Victoria Lord, Sydney Kondruss.


Five female filmmakers en route to their big L.A. premiere. But when one of them goes missing at a rest stop, the women soon find themselves pitted against a deranged scientist hell-bent on using them for his mysterious research…


” …it takes a great cast full of talented performers who know the genre and give them a script that lets them do more than run around screaming. Andrews gives his characters enough depth that they’re interesting and the performers have something to work with. He never lets this slow the film down or turn it into a drama…” Beneath the Underground

“Save Yourself is worth watching. It’s technical achievements, reflective motif (would you commit monstrosities to stay young forever?) and clever twists show Andrews’ potential as a filmmaker. Next time he needs stronger protagonists, a meatier first half, and ways to gracefully introduce his ideas.” Horror News

Save Yourself is jam-packed with scream queens and fantastic up-and-comers (especially Barrett and Haccius), twists and turns, stomach-turning gore, and tongue-in-cheek nods to horror cliches. It blew my expectations out of the water.” Horror Society


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