THE BLOOD HARVEST (2015) Reviews and overview



The Blood Harvest is a 2015 British-Northern Irish horror feature film written and directed by George Clarke for Yellow Fever productions.


The film stars Jean-Paul Van Der Velde, Robert Render (The Last Light; Onus), Griffin Madill, Alan Crawford (Battle of the Bone; The Knackery), Rachael Stewart and Matt McCreary.



A mass of killings that hark to the workings of a serial killer, have been haunting the city of Belfast and its rural areas. Working hard to keep things hidden from the public eye in a challenge to solve the case before more killings follow, detective Jack Chaplin stresses his final theories on the supernatural, hinting at the work of vampires which soon sees him fired!


Not one to give up easily, Chaplin secretly works alongside his old partner, detective Hatcher, in a bid to bring the killers to a stop – one way or another. But the closer they get, the sooner they realise all is not as it simple as it looks…



“Plot-holes and poverty row production values aside, fans of extended scenes of senseless violence will get a thrill out of this bloody harvest … But aside from some atmospheric location set-ups, the pacing, direction and acting reminded me of the kind of homemade movies that I used to make with my university mates.” Kultguy’s Keep



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” …there were moments that I thought it was getting predictable and was fooled into thinking it was going to have very traditional motivations for the killer. How wrong I was. Sadly though, the twist of this film is delivered in an exposition-heavy dialogue exchange that reminded me of a Bond villain having to explain his convoluted plan.” UK Horror Scene

Filming locations:

County Down, Northern Ireland

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