THE UNBIDDEN (2016) Overview



‘Living with a secret… dying for the truth’

The Unbidden is a 2016 American-Canadian-Chinese supernatural horror film directed by Quentin Lee from a screenplay written by Narhee Ahn.

The movie stars Tamlyn Tomita, Julia Nickson, Amy Hill, Elizabeth Sung, Michelle Krusiec, Karin Anna Cheung, Akemi Look, Kimberly-Rose Wolter, Hayden Szeto and Jason Yee.



Mystery novelist Lauren Lee (Tomita) is haunted by the ghost of a tortured, bloodied man. She tries to forget the apparition’s terrifying warnings and her unstable mental state by hosting dinner with her best friends (Nickson, Sung and Hill).

Each of the women has her own idea and opinion to make Lauren feel better. In the midst of a séance that Rachel believes will exorcise Lauren’s demons, a mysterious young man (Szeto) arrives brandishing a gun. He holds the women hostage in order to get to the truth of the whereabouts of his missing father (Yee)…



The Unbidden premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on April 22, 2016.


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