GNAWBONE (2016) Overview



‘Sometimes the things you fear are in your head… and sometimes they’re in the woods!

Gnawbone is a 2016 American horror film directed by Darrin Means and James Thompson from a screenplay co-written with Trent Persinger.

The film was partly funded by an online Kickstarter campaign.


Main cast:

Tony Bartele (Asylum: The Lost Footage), Charlie Bruce, Katie Harbridge, Derek Kunzman, Katy O’Brian, and Ransom Pugh.



It is the story about a boy that witnesses something that takes the life of his grandfather. Thinking that the traumatic event created a false memory, a psychologist wants the now twenty-one-year-old young man to face his fears by trekking into the woods. With the help of friends, he might be able to process these memories and come to terms with that scared little boy. Or is that memory actually the truth…

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