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‘Fair game is here’

Feed the Devil is a 2015 British/Canadian horror feature film produced and directed by Max Perrier from a screenplay co-written with Matthew Altman. The movie stars Jared Cohen, Ardis Barrow, Brandon Perrault and Victoria Curtain.


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Marcus takes his sister and her friend on a dangerous trip into an ancient forest that according to ancient Native American legend is haunted.


The trip soon becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse as Marcus must battle the ancient evil forces that are determined not to let them leave alive…


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Feed the Devil is a competent and confident addition to horror from Max Perrier and proves that running through the woods still has the ability to shock, scare and surprise. This is definitely an impressive demonstration of intensity that is filled with fun jumps and scares.” Scream magazine

“Perrier’s direction is uneven, and his script (with Matthew Altman) is plodding and incoherent at times. But he succeeds at keeping the tension in high gear, aided by Miksa Kovek’s inventive score and gorgeous, if chilling, scenery. The best of Feed the Devil boils down to the uniformly good acting…” Ravenous Monster


“Despite the characters’ improbable reactions and appalling dialogue, writer/director Perrier and co-writer Altman prove lush filming and a retelling of primal, aggressive folklore builds suspense and makes for good filmmaking. Silence interspersed with an interesting soundtrack by Miksa Kovek adds to the tension…” Cryptic Rock

“Like many other first-time horror directors, Perrier goes to the woods and we watch his cast slowly get bumped off in various nasty ways. However the particular evil in this film comes from Native American roots and gives the film an uneasy racial tone … the film often drags with slow pacing.” UK Horror Scene

Main cast:

  • Jared Cohen – Pernicious; 13/13/13
  • Ardis Barrow
  • Brandon Perrault
  • Victoria Curtain
  • Nahka Bertrand
  • Tyson Houseman
  • Marco Collin
  • Nicholas B. York
  • Astrida Auza
  • Alan Harrington
  • Jean Drolet
  • Julia Dawiskiba
  • Jonathan David Orr
  • Serge Patry
  • Daniel Tuira


Feed the Devil was released on DVD in the UK on 3 October by High Fliers Films.



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