The Trace We Leave Behind – Brazil, 2017 – overview

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The Trace We Leave Behind – original title: O Rastro – is a 2017 Brazilian medical-themed horror mystery film directed by J.C. Feyer from a screenplay by Beatriz Manela and André Pereira for Imagem Filmes.

It stars Leandro Leal, Rafael Cardoso, Felipe Camargo, Claudia Abreu, and Jonas Bloch star.

The film will be released in Brazilian theaters on March 30, 2017.


João (Rafael Cardoso) is a physician chosen to coordinate the removal of patients from a public Rio hospital that is about to be deactivated. On the night of the transfer, a ten-year-old girl disappears without a trace. The more John approaches the truth, the more he plunges into an obscure universe, which should never be revealed…

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