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The Hollow Child  is 2016 Canadian horror feature film co-produced and directed by Jeremy Lutter from a screenplay by Ben Rollo.


Samantha has lived her whole life in different foster homes. Now living in a small town, she never feels like she quite fits in, even with her own current foster family who might adopt her, or the boy who follows her around doing her classwork.


So, it’s perhaps natural that she doesn’t know what to do with a curious tagalong little sister named Olivia. One day, Sam callously ditches Olivia, who wanders off into the woods on her own and disappears.

For three days police and panic set in on Sam’s home. And then, Olivia returns unscathed as if nothing happened. It seems like a miracle until Sam starts to notice strange new things about her younger sister. Things nobody else seems to notice. Too scared to speak out of place, she doesn’t know what to do until she starts to learn that this has happened before…

Reviews [may contain spoilers]:

“A damaged thing can sometimes be extremely dangerous, but it can also be the catalyst to survival. The main question is which one has the most stamina for continuous existence. The Hollow Child explores this, as well as other deep topics while wrapped in the supernatural or other. Clever and thought-provoking…”  Cryptic Rock


” …an outstanding horror film. It was fresh, and dark, and one of the best iterations of little girl-turned monster that I have seen in years. It did lull slightly in the middle, and I personally think the ending would have been stronger if left somewhat ambiguous, but aside from those two things, it was fantastic.” Horror Geek Life

“As horror movies go, Hollow Child is pretty non-descript. Frankly, it feels it could have been produced as a Lifetime Movie Network original. You have a child in jeopardy and the young heroine nobody believes. Frustratingly, it also features the all-too-common “screw-you” horror movie ending.” J.B. Spins

The Hollow Child feels like a tonally confused film, unsure whether to categorise itself as a horror or thriller and as such, winds up as neither. It’s a shame too as the saturated colour palette and eerie music at times certainly tick the right boxes but when you strip back the visual elements and look at the plot and characters, The Hollow Child feels like a hollow shell of a film…” The Review Geek

The Hollow Child feels appropriately spooky, it has the dark and gloomy feel of a classic moody thriller, and the cast is fantastic from top to bottom. Horror fans, definitely give this one a look.” Two Oh Six

Main cast:

  • Jessica McLeod – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting HourScary Movie 4
  • Hannah Cheramy – Van Helsing TV series
  • John Emmet Tracy – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting HourGrace: The Possession; Flowers in the Attic
  • Jana Mitsoula – Scary Movie 4
  • Genevieve Buechner
  • Connor Stanhope
  • Johannah Newmarch


The film was previously known as The Hollow Ones

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