SHOCK (2016) Overview



‘Evil is born within’

Shock is a 2016 American horror feature film co-produced and co-directed by Moziko Wind and Markiss McFadden from a screenplay by Mohammed Bardi, who also stars.

When a gruesome killer targets the staff of a psychiatric facility, it is up to ex-cop turned private investigator David Evans to find the killer and put his own life back into perspective…

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Main cast:

Mohammed Bardi, Meredith Basinger (Silent Predator), Arthur Roberts (Scared Topless; The Mummy’s Kiss; Not of This Earth), Amiée Conn, Muneeb Rehman, Rai Quartley, Casey O’Keefe, Chris Moss, Kausar Mohammed, Aeriél Miranda, Markiss McFadden, James Killebrew, Freddie Edo, Brittany Falardeau, Keasha Bell, Aubrey Reynolds.




Choice dialogue:

David Evans: “The guy’s an assh*le but he’s not a killer.”