SOMETHING CREEPING IN THE DARK (1971) Reviews and overview


‘Exorcism… the occult… a horror-filled night in a house of terror!’

Something Creeping in the Dark is a 1971 Italian mystery horror feature film written and directed by Mario Colucci. It stars Farley Granger (The Prowler; Arnold; So Sweet, So Dead), Lucia Bosè (The Legend of Blood Castle; Arcana) and Giacomo Rossi Stuart (Reflections in BlackCrimes of the Black Cat). The original Italian title is Qualcosa striscia nel buio [“Shadows in the Dark”].

The film was belatedly released in the US in 1975 by Joseph Green Pictures/Eldorado Associates.


“It really is a beautiful looking gothic thriller despite being routine in the story department, but there’s a lot to chew on with its concept, and there’s so many nice touches that keep it afloat. At times, it’s got a strange charm to it, with near Polselli-like moments with actors looking spaced out, standing around like model figurines.” Giovanni Susina, At the Mansion of Madness

“Using every trick in the book, slow-motion, freeze frames, point-of-view, Mario Bava-esque lighting, gritty modern violence and edgy and fun characters, this is not just an ordinary ghost story, it’s a dark character study of what happens if you put people together and let them annoy each other to death.” Fred Anderson, Schmollywood Babylon

“it starts out like a standard “old dark house” variant, but what happens in the aftermath is hardly routine. It’s filled with quirky touches, bizarre scenes, and offbeat moments. The blurb on the back describes the movie as “impenetrable”, and to some extent, it is, but it’s impenetrable in a rather attractive and fun way…” Dave Sindelar, Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

“A rather old school haunting horror, this is pleasingly well made and manages some fun atmosphere. None of it is particularly classic, but Granger’s piano ditty is utterly beautiful and there’s mood and atmosphere to spare.” The Terror Trap

Choice dialogue:

Sylvia Forrest: “You’re a wet blanket as well as a party pooper!”

Professor Lawrence: “Don’t knock at Hell’s door. Or it might open.”

Joe: “I’ve already seen two corpses this evening. There’s a murderer here and anything can happen before dawn.”

Cast and characters:

  • Farley Granger as Spike
  • Lucia Bosè as Sylvia Forrest
  • Giacomo Rossi Stuart as Donald Forres
  • Stelvio Rosi as Doctor Williams [as Stan Cooper] – Also in The Hanging Woman
  • Mia Genberg as Susan West
  • Gianni Medici as Joe – Also in Fangs of the Living Dead
  • Giulia Rovai as Joe’s Girl
  • Franco Beltramme as Detective Sam – Also in Eyes Behind the StarsNight of Violence
  • Angelo Francesco Lavagnino as Professor Lawrence [Lavagnino also composed the score]
  • Dino Fazio as Inspector Wright
  • Loredana Nusciak as Model for Photo of Lady Sheila Marlowe

Some image credits: At the Mansion of Madness