THE ANSWER (2015) Reviews and overview


‘Sometimes it’s best not to know’

The Answer is a 2015 American science fiction paranoia thriller written and directed by Iqbal Ahmed. The movie stars Austin Hébert, Alexis Carra and David S. Lee.

After being attacked, an introverted young man must follow clues left by his dead parents in order to figure out who is after him – and who he really is…


” …conceptually underdeveloped and maybe misdirected in meaning, yet confounding instinctual reactions by being strangely captivating. Bridd’s black-helmeted enemies are vaguely defined to the point where their Armand Assante/Udo Kier/Tom Sizemore hybrid leader is simply named “Leader” and an unintelligible language only highlights their meaningless interactions.” Culture Crypt

“Iqbal Ahmed’s cheap and cheerful couple-on-the-run-from-aliens has a cheesy 1980s vibe […], the saddest ping-pong story ever told, and nice touches such as a secret code hidden in a 20-year-old hand-held Space Invaders-type game. But it overestimates its own amiability, the plot ends up running on the spot, and the film-maker ends up falling back on tired contrivances…” Multiglom

“There are a lot of neat story elements and the why of all this is pretty interesting…even though Bridd almost seems to magically figure it all out at times. The notion of aliens and a hybrid species as well as why they need these hybrids is intriguing. But, unfortunately, much of the film seems rushed and not quite worked out properly—especially the relationship between Charlotte and Bridd.” Influx magazine

Filming locations:

Danville, Virginia

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