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Ahockalypse is a 2017 American comedy horror film written and directed by Wayne Harry Johnson Jr. (Into the Void), based on a storyline by Craig Patrick. The Sparrowhawk Pictures stars Jesse Rennicke, Squall Charlson and Alex Galick.

The Prairie Kings hockey team fight for the league championship and for their lives all in one night…

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“No one can deliver their lines with a straight face, the “gags” are more like meta-references to other genres or films, and the actual zombie part of this zombie film leaves much to be desired. Even with a very limited budget, there’s no excuse to the sort of half-assed SFX Ahockalypse utilizes to animate its army of undead. Worse still is the idea that it’s funny because it’s cheap…” Exclaim.ca

” …this knucklepuck of a dreadful horror comedy misses the net, Plexiglas boards, safety netting, and doesn’t even land in the same arena. Characters would rather (exhaustively) reference Home Alone for the umpteenth time or strip to their skivvies than honor even halfway decent zombie beats […] Puck this.” Flickering Myth

“Sure, it is a gory zombie film, but it is indomitably cheerful all the way through […] It doesn’t quite have the heart of Canada’s original Wolfcop, but it is definitely skating in its league. It has to be the funniest zombie comedy since Dead Bite, which is saying something.” J.B. Spins

“It helps that Ahockalypse makes no attempt to take itself seriously, but not even a relatively charming sense of selfawareness can save this one. With very little to offer horror fans, and even less to those outside the genre, your best bet is to avoid this one altogether.” Modern Horrors

“In between zombie attacks and running from danger, the film’s dialogue tends to lack substance and unfortunately, seems to bloat the bulk of the movie. Although the pace is appropriate for the most part, and the film is pretty entertaining, some of the dialogue attempted to summon a joke that never came to fruition.” Nightmare on Film Street

” …an extraordinarily fun tongue-in-cheek roller coaster ride through Minnesota with just the right amount of gore to still categorize it as a horror film. There’s beer, nudity, sex scandal, kung-fu and zombies. What more do you need?” Nightmarish Conjurings

“There are some inventive and creative zombie kills along the way, nothing terribly gory, but you’ll never forget you’re watching a zombie film. Ahockalypse might not have the polish of a big-budget blockbuster, but it makes up for it with pure puck chuckles and mayhem. The film also features tons of fun film references, cameos by hockey legends Barry Melrose and Kelly Chase, and an ass-kicking mascot that had to be a ninja in another life.” Pop Horror

“It’s as if they couldn’t decide if they wanted to make the film a series of loosely connected gags or an actual film in which the characters are meant to draw our empathy. It fails on both counts, not delivering memorable enough gags, nor characters with whom we are interested in spending eighty minutes. Bummer.” Screen Anarchy

” …lovingly parodies both zombie films and hockey culture. It even manages to take a few slapshots at politics along the way, thankfully without becoming overtly political […] It’s more into laughs than gore, though there is a good amount of, (unfortunately CGI), blood.” Voices from the Balconey

” …while the cinematography and practical effects are pretty good, the CGI in this one leaves a lot to be desired — hell, some of the green-screening is so bad, it’s almost like the zombies were inserted into the movie using that crappy cropping tool from MS Paint. But Ahockalypse does have some things going for it. It’s not a laugh-out-loud riot, but it has a couple of decent one-liners here and there.” Wicked Horror

Main cast:

  • Jesse Rennicke
  • Squall Charlson – Gags; Wendigosis; A Nightmare on Twitch.TV
  • Alex Galick
  • Kaylee Williams – Stirring; Leaf Blower Massacre 2; Porkchop 3D; et al
  • Cole Eckert
  • Barry Melrose
  • Kelly Chase
  • Gabrielle Arrowsmith
  • Lindsey Kuehl
  • Troy Antoine LaFaye
  • Rachel Vedder
  • Ajuawak Kapashesit
  • Ryan J. Gilmer
  • Michael Dean
  • Casandra Ha
  • Toria Bayer

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