DEAD BITE (2011) Thai comedy horror



Dead Bite is a 2011 Thai comedy zombie horror film directed by Joey Boy [Apisit Opas-iamlikit], who also stars with Buddha Bless, Lakana Wattanawongsiri.


A hip-hop group led by Joey Boy becomes stranded on Mermaid Island. Unfortunately, the young rappers also discover that that is inhabited by zombies and flesh-eating monsters…


“The action is choppy and for the most part too tightly framed to get a sense of what’s really happening, though there are a few decent shots of practical gore effects.  Joey Boy and his ensemble cast of musical cohorts are natural performers, and the scenes of them simply trying to survive are the strongest in the film.” Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal

“Contemporary B-movie madness at its most casual, off-the-cuff, and energetic, the slick production values, and enthusiastic gore effects make this movie feel like far more than the sum of its parts. This is a horror movie made by people who love horror movies, full of dope beats, and beaten-to-a-pulp dopes, and it ends with a sick wrap-around gag that feels like the kicker of one whopping, zombie-filled fish story.” Film Society Lincoln Center

Original title:

ก้านคอกัด aka Gancore Gud

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