ENGINE TROUBLE aka JUNIOR (2002) Reviews and overview


‘He’s just a scream away.’

Engine Trouble – aka Junior and Damned Forest – is a 2002 Belgian slasher horror film directed by Marc Ickx from a screenplay co-written with Liam Bradley. It stars Cecilia Bergqvist, Bob Dougherty and Marcel Romeijn.

Originally released in the US on DVD via Lionsgate Pictures as well as on Showtime Cable Television in standard definition, it is now available via SGL Entertainment for the first time in high definition widescreen, with a new edit. Blu-ray, DVD and VOD releases will follow via MVD Entertainment, Allied Vaughn and others.

When Sandra and Rebecca borrow a car for a weekend adventure, the girls decide to go for a car trip to the country for sun, fun and relaxation.

However, when they take a shortcut that lands them smack dab in the middle of nowhere and their car breaks down, an adventure begins that may be the very last one they take.

When a tow truck happens by the stranded car, but what seems like a godsend quickly turns into a nightmare. The “good” people at the gas station act oddly, hiding something that the girls could not have ever imagined…


“The most offensive thing about the movie is that it runs 90+ minutes, despite only having a pair of protagonists (a lesbian couple, one of the movie’s few somewhat novel ideas), an obvious plot you’ve seen in 596 other movies, and (ironically enough) a fairly quick route to the point of the movie where the car breaks down – it’s only like 15 minutes or so into it when someone who has never seen a movie before would recognize that something was amiss.” Horror Movie a Day

“Director/co-writer Mark Ickx doesn’t have any idea how to stage scenes of horror even managing to make a decapitation scene boring and when you pair that with a script that’s muddled at best you’re in for trouble. If they were going for a distinct look for their killer they should have maybe not made him look like they basically rummaged in a trunk and threw together something in a few minutes.” The Video Graveyard

Main cast:

Cecilia Bergqvist, Bob Dougherty, Marcel Romeijn, Marlene Simons, Christa De Vries, Corine Boon, Arlette Adriani, Ron Smoorenburg, Karin Van Duuren, Sharon Gosler.

Filming locations:

Kortrijk and Lombardsijde, Belgium

Fun Facts:

Director Marc Ickx previously composed the soundtrack for Lucker the Necrophagous (1986).

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