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‘You’re invited to die

Deadly Reunion is a 2019 horror thriller feature film directed by James Cullen Bressack (Bethany; Pernicious; Blood Lake; To Jennifer; et al) from a screenplay written by Christian Ackerman (producer of 2 Jennifer) and William B. Keller, based on a story by the latter. The Baron Jay Film Group production stars Trae Ireland, Baron Jay and La’Princess Jackson.


Ten years after graduation, a mini-reunion is organized by Tom and Jill Miller at their home, inviting only the special friends that were in their clique and one fringe member, Bobby Zwick, whom they had done a terrible wrong. Bobby said all was forgiven, but he was not telling the truth…

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” …the film has some obvious tactics to try to spread itself out to an appropriate running time since the flimsy plot here doesn’t support this kind of pace. The other major flaw here is the wholly underwhelming and nonsensical twist that is completely insulting and moronic.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“It’s like they realized they made such a worthless movie that they had to add in all the “grindhouse” elements that are way fucking past passé to enliven it, even though there’s nothing here that warrants such an aesthetic. It’s a slog of bad acting and shitty lighting with stupidity abounding.” Dustin Baker

“Bear in mind this is still just as over the top and ridiculous as Student Bodies – and others of its ilk – perhaps even more so given how seriously the actors take their roles and this film! And just when you think Deadly Reunion couldn’t get any more ridiculous. It does. It really does! With an out-of-left-field ending that cements this film as one of the most demented horror spoofs ever committed to celluloid.” Nerdly

“The concept is okay, I suppose. It is silly and it also doesn’t make too much sense. People die and there is a death count that pops up on the screen. That would be impressive for Robocop or Rambo but a movie that never gets out of the double digits is just silly.” Richard Strahs

Cast and characters:

Trae Ireland … Stu Pembleton
Baron Jay … Tom Miller
La’Princess Jackson … Felitia Pembleton
Joe Karam … Bobby Zwick
Daryl Keith Johnson … Perry Hendricks
Monica Davis … Jill Miller
Chris Sapone … Ron Merritt
Michael Joseph … Mo Langley
Viet Wilcots … Nancy Hendricks
Tracy “Stresh” Mcnulty … Linda Langley
Joe Bohn … Scotty
James Cullen Bressack … Party Wolf
Jack Davidson … George W. Bush
Cherie DeVille … Grindhouse Girl
Chris DuBrock … Igor Petrovich

Filming locations:

Technical details:

72 minutes

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