Live-Evil aka Grave Walkers – USA, 2015 – reviews

live evil

‘It’s the end of the f*cking world.’

Live-Evil – aka Grave Walkers – is a 2015 American horror film co-produced, written and directed by Ari Kirschenbaum. It stars Vladimir Kulich, Charlene Amoia and Vincent M. Ward.

The synthesizer soundtrack was composed by Shawn Lee (Bully).


When a small college town police station is besieged by “Evil” on a sleepy Halloween night, Pete, the sheriff, and Hancock, his loyal deputy, are thrown into the middle of a holy chess-game that could destroy the town, and possibly the world…

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“The design of this film obviously distances itself from serious or scary motivations, instead offering viewers a chance to enjoy a blood-soaked comedic piece with a dozen different ideas stuffed into a 95-minute film that features a dozen different nutty personalities. In short, Grave Walkers shouldn’t work, at all. But it does work. It works surprisingly well.” Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror Movies

“Throughout the film we are treated to some surreal dream-like sequences, more-so in the black and white section, but the circumstances in which they are used occur mostly in the first part. The quick jump to the bright and vivid slo-mo blood clouds break some of the tension, but they soon become more sinister and provide an insight into how the evil affects people.” Ally Bell, UK Horror Scene

A combination of horror and humor can be a tough tone to manage, but Live-Evil straddles that line well. Between sight gags and one liners, the film keeps you grinning, and many of the actors share a genuine chemistry that allows recurring bits to land well. The score is a lot of fun, as well.” Hope Madden, Screen Relish

“If you’re looking for a weird, creepy film with religious connotations (in case Tony Todd’s get up didn’t give it away), Live-Evil might be for you. Unfortunately I wasn’t the target audience. I need more excitement and energy from the plot, not just from the actors.” Fox Emm, Wicked Horror

“While I could not rate Grave Walkers as a great film due to the sometimes dodgy effects and lack of a cohesive plot I still really loved it and had a lot of fun watching it. There are some stand out scenes that rival anything else I have seen this year in terms of the sublime editing and mashing together of music and visuals.” Daniel Simmonds, The Rotting Zombie

Main cast:

  • Vladimir Kulich
  • Charlene Amoia
  • Vincent M. Ward – The Walking Dead
  • J. Richey Nash
  • Tony Todd – CandymanPenanceArmy of the Damned
  • Meagan Mackenzie
  • Jackson Prather
  • Tim Ross
  • Ed Ricker
  • J. Richey Nash
  • Meredith Parks


The film debuted on 17 October 2015 at the Horror in the Hills festival.


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