BLOODY SLUMBER PARTY (2014) Reviews and overview


Bloody Slumber Party is a 2014 American slasher horror anthology film produced, written and directed by Larry Rosen (Death at a Barbecue; Paranoia Tapes; Arnold the Killer Clown). It stars Brian O’Halloran, Barrett Perlman, Gloria Chung and Samantha Hahn. Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role.

Kelly just broke up with her abusive boyfriend, Rick. To cheer her up, her friends have a sleepover party. At which, they tell scary stories. While telling the horror tales, there is a killer in the house killing them one by one…

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime and other VOD platforms.


Bloody Slumber Party isn’t a gore extravaganza and it does have minor issues, but honestly, I enjoyed watching it. In a market that’s awash with low-budget monstrosities, it’s nice to find a feature that engages consistently and delivers tension.” Luisito Joaquin Gonzalez, A Slash Above…

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