CAIN HILL (2017) Reviews and overview


‘They should have stayed away’

Cain Hill is a 2017 British supernatural horror film directed by Gene Fallaize from a screenplay co-written with Tony Cook (also in the cast), Michael James Dean and Phill Martin. It stars Gemma Atkinson, Michael Parr, and Alex Zane.

The filmmakers raised production costs via a successful Indiegogo funding campaign.


A group of documentary filmmakers are filming a TV special about the events which occurred at the famous and mysterious abandoned Cain Hill asylum many years earlier, and the unexplained abductions and murders that have occurred at the site since then. The group soon learn that one of the inmates never left Cain Hill at all…


“This is not your CGI stuffed, glossy Hollywood, jumpscare fuelled film that has saturated the genre in recent times. Cain Hill is slow burning, character driven and does exactly what it sets out to do without any pretence and that is simply why it’s an entertaining and compelling watch.” Love Horror

” …it was obviously made on a tiny budget (some of the acting reflected this!) but there were elements that were really good – the editing and music stood out to me as a horror fan. The story is a bit of a slow build and it is fairly gore light but the location was really great (and genuinely scary looking!).” u-41443

Main cast and characters:

  • Gemma Atkinson … Elizabeth
  • Michael Parr … Arnie
  • Alex Zane … Alex Zane – Cannibals and Carpet Fitters; Ibiza Undead
  • Hannah Jacobs … Mary
  • Edward Elgood … Richard
  • Jason York … Marcus
  • Tony Cook … Leonard
  • Ben Mansbridge … Steve
  • David Whitney … Michael
  • Phill Martin … Chester Lockhart

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