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‘Darkness will know his name’

Corbin Nash is a 2018 American supernatural horror action feature film directed by Ben Jagger from a screenplay co-written with Dean S. Jagger and Christopher P. Taylor. It stars Corey FeldmanMalcolm McDowell, Rutger Hauer, and Dean S. Jagger.

A rogue police detective in search of his parents killer was murdered and is reborn the ultimate killer…

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“Only Corey Feldman, perhaps the most shameless of all, as the horribly made-up tramp-vamp drag queen has anything to offer, however ridiculous his beauty-obsessed ghoul comes off as. At least he’s given a chance to a wildly colorful character who’s allowed to express a range of emotions. The others monotonously belt out their lines with a glazed look of disinterest in their eyes.” Arrow in the Head

“In an effort to stand out, a lot of films over think the evil and end up losing the fear and power that vampires should capture. Corbin Nash is not one of those. It succeeds in giving vampires back their power and they have become scary again. Dialogue, characters, and casting all align perfectly to create an atmosphere of paranoia and fear when the sun goes down.” Cryptic Rock

“It’s not original. We’ve seen things like this before […] Solid production values which create a gritty (but flashy) vision of the Los Angeles landscape – settling squarely into “neo-noir” territory, and the presence of several screen legends, can’t overcome a dull script full of cliches.” Horrorfreak News

“Frankly put, Corbin Nash is a beautiful disaster. Questions I had from the beginning of the film that went unanswered had me wanting to buy a Ouija board to contact Robert Stack and ask for help with these unsolved mysteries.” Modern Horrors

Cast and characters:

  • Corey Feldman … Queeny – The Zombie King; Bordello of Blood; Voodoo; Gremlins; Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter; et al
  • Malcolm McDowell … Blind Prophet – Mischief Night; 31; Suck; Silent NightHalloween and sequel; Disturbed; Cat People; et al
  • Rutger Hauer … Stranger – Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Hitcher; et al
  • Bruce Davison … Jack – Itsy Bitsy; Return of the Killer Shrews; Willard; et al
  • Dean S. Jagger … Corbin Nash
  • Richard Wagner … Vince
  • Fernanda Romero … Macy
  • Patrick Brennan … Wade
  • Chris Pardal … Frank Sullivan
  • Thomas Q. Jones … Darius
  • Lovake Heyer … Karl
  • Kimberlee Peterson … Tortured Soul
  • Elizabeth Greer … Dorothy
  • Holly Lynch … Nina Dryland
  • Courtney Gains … Detective Holloway

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