DEATH’S DOOR aka THE TRAP DOOR (2015) Reviews and overview


‘A killer party you’ll want to miss…’

Death’s Door is a 2015 American horror film written and directed by Kennedy Goldsby (If I Tell You I Have to Kill You). The film is a slightly re-edited, retitled version of Goldsby’s 2011 movie The Trap Door. It stars Obba Babatundé, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, and Chico Benymon.

It all begins with a text message. An anonymous message sent to the cell phones of a dozen young men and women. The message is an invitation to attend one killer of a party. Nobody knows who sent the message but it turns out to be an invitation that no-one can refuse, yet everyone will regret.

Inside the doors of a dilapidated mansion, they gather, eat, drink, party, and have the time of their lives – that is, until it’s time to go. The front door doesn’t open; the back door doesn’t open. Doors that once led to familiar rooms now lead to new ones; some doors open to yet other doors and some go straight to dead ends. Only one thing remains constant: every door is a trap, leaving only one way out…


the partygoers spend their time trying every door in the house, yelling at each other, getting tired, lounging, falling asleep, having hallucinations with terrible CGI, trying some more doors, yelling again, lounging some more, staring off into the distance and maybe trying another door or two.” Mark Harris, Black Horror Movies

“Annoying characters that spend most of the time screeching, hollering, bickering, screaming, whimpering, and babbling to the point where you want them to get killed […]  No gore/exploitation for fans of this kind of horror movies. No suspense, tension, drama, or interesting characters for fans of psychological horror. This movie features many victims but no on-screen kills.” Davanna Carter

“Characters are put into situations with no reason or warning. There could be a scene in which all the party guests are together followed by a scene with character wandering through the house alone only to be back with the group again in the following scene.” Andrew Swope, Rock! Shock! Pop!

Main cast and characters:

  • Obba Babatundé … Mesmer – Dolls of VoodooScooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire; The Eye (2008); Necronomicon; Tales from the Crypt TV series; The Silence of the Lambs 
  • Chico Benymon … Bruce – The Haunted Hathaways TV series; Nite Tales: The Movie
  • Andrew Cappelletti … Emcee
  • Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister … Jomo – HauntsvilleIf I Tell You I Have to Kill You; The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence); Nite Tales: The Series; Vegas Vampires; Dracula 3000; Hellborn; Soulkeeper; Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies; Midnight (1989); Prison; 
  • Evelyn Badillo …Elena
  • Michael Bernardi … Marc
  • Francis Hamilton … Gary
  • Maria Ines … Alexis
  • Molly Johnson … Kendra
  • Danielle Lilley … Suzanne

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