DON’T MOVE (short, 2013) Reviews and overview


‘Don’t blink. Don’t speak. And whatever you do…’

Don’t Move is a 2013 British supernatural horror short film – part of the Bloody Cuts series of web horror shorts – directed by Anthony Melton (Don’t Go Down to WildorThe Outer DarknessThe Birch) from a screenplay by David Scullion (The Cabinet in the Woods; The Summoning; 6th Sense); it stars Rachel Bright, Jake Hendriks, and Kate Braithwaite.


Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces…


“I loved everything about this short: the demon look (clearly inspired by Hellraiser’s Chatterer Cenobite), the gore (especially the last kill), the sound effects (creating the perfect tension) and the believable acting (often a weak point in some short movies). Don’t Move is a great achievement…” Daily Dose of Horror

“The film creates tension and drama with very little physical movement, with the characters playing the deadliest game of musical statues of their lives. It comes with a simple but effective twist at the end, and a gory surprise. Overall it’s a well made film, with suspense and some fairly good gore.” Gore Blimey

Filming locations:

Manor Farm Barn, Norfolk, England


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