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‘Party like there’s no tomorrow’
Ravers is a 2018 British comedy horror film directed by Bernhard Pucher from a screenplay written by Luke Foster, based on Pucher’s storyline.

The Iron Box Films-Head Gear Films-Metrol Technology-Alive in the Morning co-production stars Georgia Hirst, Maria Volk, Danny Kirrane, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Manpreet Bambra and in a cameo role, Natasha Henstridge (Species franchise).

At a local rave, a manufacturing incident has left Regenerize (a speciality drink) with strange qualities. Once the partiers drink this energy drink, they turn into something monstrous. Now, while a journalist investigates this underground party, all of the dancers are turning into mutants…

Our review:
Ravers begins promisingly in office settings and with some semblance of social satire. The production values and performances are also above the norm for an obviously low budget movie.

Unfortunately, once Ravers relocates to a club setting we are subjected to repetitive and relentless dance music that’s fine if you were there in person and pretty out of it but duller than dull if you are watching other people strutting their stuff. At the same time, the plot soon becomes rather monotonous or just daft (such as toxic waste dumped in a bin). And by a certain point, annoying attempts to ape Americana with fake accents also begin to grate.

Canaries showed that British (in fact, Welsh) movies can both celebrate their background and add nods to transnational dance culture. Ravers completely fails in this respect, despite being made well. Some of the same themes were also handled so much better in the fantastically fun iZombie series. Despite showing some potential, Ravers drops the baton way too soon.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“Pucher handles his action sequences really well, making a small cast seem a lot more populous, and the whole thing has the feel of a slightly more polite version of a Troma movie. Fun while it lasts, but I’d have been happier if it had dropped the pretence and located itself this side of the ‘pond.'” Dark Eyes of London

“Despite my issues with the middle part of the film, I did enjoy Ravers. Perhaps it could have been funnier, but that said, it’s a well made little film, well-acted and directed and certainly worth checking out.” The Horrorcist

” …it’s a shame that it doesn’t declare itself as a British film. That niggle aside, Ravers is a well made, slightly silly genre film. A real crowd-pleaser it should be watched with as many like-minded people as possible for full enjoyment. Fun and funny, Ravers is one party you’ll want to attend.” The Hollywood News

“Sadly, many of the jokes feel like tepid 1980’s leftovers (a character giving an infected raver the finger as he dies, a guy named Ozzy because his parents liked Sabbath) and the lumbering “mutants” aren’t much of a threat. Most of the humour feels flat, including a solution to the problem involving “morning after” pills…” HorrorScreams VideoVault

“Characters even have arcs, beats and all that stuff often thought superfluous at this level, and every tiny thing we’re told turns out to be set up for a later payoff  – which isn’t to say that it skimps on severed heads, bulging eyes and gore effects (courtesy busy Dan Martin).” The Kim Newman Web Site

Ravers is not going to have anyone truly raving (groan!) about how amazing the film is; but with a fantastic story arc for its central character, germaphobe Becky (Georgia Hirst), and a great blend of horror and comedy, Ravers is definitely well worth checking out.” Nerdly

“Pucher’s film is funny, exaggerating, perhaps only slightly, the sorts of behaviours seen on any city street towards the end of a long night’s indulgence, while gradually building towards an outpouring of enough blood, filth and gore to provide Becky with all the exposure therapy that she could possibly need.” Projected Figures

Ravers is slight but consistently entertaining and well executed, by cast, crew, and everybody else. The idea that music soothes the savage beast – even if it is terrible dance music – is cleverly employed, and it’s an interesting twist on the zombie genre. Sort of, because they’re not really zombies.” Wicked Horror


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