THE CREEPER (1948) Reviews and overview


The Creeper is a 1948 American horror feature film directed by Jean Yarbrough (The Devil BatShe-Wolf of London; House of Horrors; et al) from a screenplay by Maurice Tombragel (Horror Island), based on a story idea by Don Martin. The Reliance Pictures production was produced by Bernard Small. The movie stars Eduardo Ciannelli, Onslow Stevens, June Vincent and Ralph Morgan.

Horror specialist Ben Pivar was executive producer. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Onslow Stevens plays a mad doctor whose serum turns a man into a catlike killer…


“Much of The Creeper’s wrongness is delightful, but at one point it is painful in the extreme. This is the kind of film where the good guys are so intensely irritating, it is almost impossible for the viewer to refrain from siding with the bad guys—one in particular. All the acting in The Creeper is poor, but as our alleged heroine, Nora Cavigny, Janis Wilson is just awful.” And You Call Yourself A Scientist!?

“This solemn chiller about a series of cat-claw murders is pretty tepid despite the fact that pretty Wilson has convenient nightmares in which she is clawed by cats…” Phil Hardy (editor), The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

” …quite moody, mysterious and creepy […] It’s only a short (63 minutes), humble B-movie, and you might expect a little more from a production by a studio like 20th Century Fox, but there’s much fun to be had for those who are in for an eerie, atmospheric little horror film.” Derek Winnert

” …this is one of Yarbrough’s best films; there are some very striking visual moments involving shadows that I’ve not seen in the director’s other works. The plot is quite complicated, and tends to unfold in a convoluted way, and there are times where it is difficult to figure out what is going on…” Dave Sindelar, Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

“Director Jean Yarbrough and cinematographer George Robinson do manage to effectively employ shadows in their atmospheric camerawork — but ultimately they can’t lift this silly film above its nonsensical and uninteresting script.”

Choice dialogue:

Doctor Lester Cavigny: “Dreams are always strange. It least that’s the way they always seem. In their peculiar way though they have their own kind of logic.”

Nora Cavigny: “Of all of us there, I was the only one who caught the fever. I was in a delirium for weeks.”

Cast and characters:

  • Eduardo Ciannelli … Doctor Van Glock
  • Onslow Stevens … Doctor Borden
  • June Vincent … Gwen Runstrom
  • Ralph Morgan … Doctor Lester Cavigny – The Monster Maker; Night Monster
  • Janis Wilson … Nora Cavigny
  • John Baragrey … Doctor John Reade
  • Richard Lane … Inspector Fenwick
  • Philip Ahn … Ah Wong
  • Lotte Stein … Nurse
  • Ralph Peters … Porter
  • David Hoffman … Andre Dussaud

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