CarouSHELL (2016) Reviews and overview


‘Step right up and die!’

CarousHELL is a 2016 American comedy horror feature film directed by Steve Rudzinski (Red Christmas; Everyone Must DieBasic Slaughter) from a screenplay co-written with Aleen Isley. The movie stars Steve Rimpici, Sé Marie, Haley Madison and Christopher Proud.

A sequel, CarousHELL the 2nd, arrived in 2021.


A sentient carousel unicorn is pushed too far by a brat.  The unicorn breaks free from his spinning merry-go-round prison and goes on a revenge-driven murder spree on his way to kill the kid…

CarousHELL was released widely in 2019 from Wild Eye Releasing and then via Tubi.


“Once the novelty of a Duke killing people wears off it gets repetitive. Even the gimmick of Duke somehow producing all manner of weapons wears thin quick. The rest of the cast are annoying and ridiculously over the top, the kind of characters you want to see killed. For those who just want to see a stream of bloody deaths this could do the job. ” Beneath the Underground

CarousHELL is the funniest horror comedy of 2016, as well as most brilliantly bizarre – and it is further proof that underground horror is well worth scouring, for it is there you shall unearth many hidden gems, some of which might even have unicorn sex.” Dread Central

“The two things that this oddball gem has going for it is a script that is actually funny when the conceit begins to fray, and the absolute conviction that the entire cast and crew have to the joke. The script by Rudzinski and co-writer Aleen Isley is broad, surreal and ludicrously silly.” Horror Buzz

“There was a few kills that looked way bigger than the budget would normally allow.  My hat is off to the effects team for those but there was a few that threw me off. A different camera angle should have been used.  Overall, CarousHELL is exactly what the horror community needs.” Horror Society