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‘What happened to #DropTheMike?’

Followed is a 2018 American found footage horror feature film directed by Antoine Le from a screenplay by Todd Klick and produced by Matthew Brewbaker. The movie stars John Savage, Blanca Blanco and Christopher Ross Martin.

Taking place entirely on a computer screen, the story unfolds as an unseen observer clicks through the video posts of DropTheMike, a controversial ‘vlogger of the macabre.’

When a famous clothing brand offers to sponsor his show if he can gain fifty thousand more subscribers, DropTheMike kicks his vlog into high gear and recruits three friends to do a special Halloween-edition vlog to be held inside the reputably haunted Hotel Lennox in downtown Los Angeles, where several famous serial killers stayed while on their killing sprees and where, more recently, a female tourist’s body was found cooking inside the basement ventilation system.

However, when sinister things happen to the crew after they play a forbidden ‘elevator ritual’ game, DropTheMike commits himself to figuring out if it’s malicious fans of his vlog messing with them, or the hotel’s evil spirits intent on murdering them all…

Followed is currently on the festival circuit and will be released in 2019.

Reviews [click link to read more]:

“The acting, which is the nuanced art of actors acting like normal people who are acting, was believable. The story had enough turns and jump scares. The cinematography and score add to the building tension. I recommend Followed.” 1428 Elm

Followed borrows from the found footage genre, while also focusing on character development and more traditional narrative elements. It’s a horror movie for today’s technological world, with its eye on the creepiest urban legends of the past. It also has a surprising moral message.” Indie Horror Online

“Although some of the effects looked a little fake, Le did a great job at building dread throughout the film. A lot of the scares weren’t about what you saw, they were about the buildup and anxiety leading up to what you saw. There were numerous ‘Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ scares that I just loved catching.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“There are some jump scares, and like many of the other found footage movies I have seen, rely on shaky cameras to cause confusion. The scenes in the basement and boiler room of the Lennox though, had a very ominous tone and provided some truly suspenseful scenes. I was on the edge of my seat, and even with only minutes remaining, I was thinking “how is this gonna end?!” This is a fun flick to experience!” Sinful Celluloid

Cast and characters:

  • Matthew Solomon … Mike
  • John Savage … Wallace
  • Blanca Blanco … Nic’s Step Mother
  • Christopher Ross Martin … Security Guard
  • Kelsey Griswold … Jess
  • Sam Valentine … Danni
  • Karan Sagoo … Masked Evil Presence / unstable drug dealer
  • Thaddeaus Ek … Ghost Boy
  • Francheska Savage … Security Guard
  • Terumi Shimazu … Meghan Kim’s Mother
  • Kate Romero Nic’s Mom / Mrs.Eply
  • Sonia Pizarro Homeless Woman
  • Brianna McClellan Halloween Girl
  • Tim Drier Chris
  • JoAnna de Castro Maid

Running time:

96 minutes

Aspect Ratio:


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