Aswang – USA/Phillipines, 2018

‘The Philippines has several legends, this one is the scariest.’

Aswang is a 2018 American-Filipino horror feature film directed by Michel Laurin (Cry in the Night; Onryo) and Gary Ambrosio from a screenplay by Laurin, who also stars alongside Shannon Laurin and Bryan Billy Boone.


Awaiting the completion of their new beach house, a family decides to stay in an abandoned mansion, built on a cemetery, that is rumoured to be the home of the terrifying aswang…

Cast and characters:

  • Michel Laurin … Richard
  • Shannon Laurin … Alice
  • Bryan Billy Boone [as Bryan Boone]… Jake
  • Shelene Atanacio … Tia / White Lady
  • Christopher Eli Razo Hubahib … Merwin
  • Merwin L. Gicain … Vince
  • Ernesto A. Tundaan … Mananambal
  • Violeta P. Ragudo … Grandmother
  • Brigida H. Magalona … Old Lady
  • Shelene Antanacio … Tia
  • John Michael Laurin … David
  • Jesreel S. Mendez Sr. … Police Officer

Filming locations:

Samal, Philippines

Horror from the Philippines

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